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About Us

ThriftHub is an online reservation system that takes a modern and revolutionary approach to the flea market concept.

This cutting-edge software solution, which has been continuously developed for more than 4 years, is currently being utilized in several flea markets with remarkable success.

System Features

Custom Website

Your own custom built website

Sales Tracking

Renters can monitor their sales in real time when logged in to their account dashboard

Booking Management

Overview of all bookings made by renters, booth numbers, rental periods and payments

User registry & Logs

Overview of all users, their products, bookings, sales and history

Holiday Planner

Close the booking function for all booth renters on specific dates with a single click. If a renter makes a reservation around those dates, the system will automatically extend their reservation by the number of closed days you specify.

Interactive Booking

User-friendly booking system with floor map of your store where renters can choose booth types and view their availability

Printable Product Labels

Barcode price label system that generates printable labels for products that renters create in ThriftHub

Email Service

Email creation, hosting and client with app using Zoho mail provider.

Video Tutorials

You will get access to videos to help you learn on the admin backend functions needed for daily store tasks.

Mail Server

For fast and secure delivery of emails from your website to your customers. The system immediately sends booking emails, booking reminders, booking time expired, password recovery etc.

POS System

ThriftHub comes with its own POS system that works well with scanners and printers

My Account

My account dashboard for the renters where they can view their bookings, profits, product list, insert products, sales and more

Product Stories

Renters can upload a photo in the “product stories” function so shoppers can see what is available and where the product is located

Mobile App

 Your own app in Play Store and App Store that works both for store visitors to browse the categories of product stories and see where they are located and also for your customer where they can create bookings, insert products and stories, view sale stats and browse product stories

Sales Commission

As a store owner you can control the percentage the store receives as sales commission

Payout Requests

When the rental period is over the renter can press a button on their account dashboard to request a payout for their sales. The overview table on the admin dashboard makes payout requests easy to manage

Rental Period

A complete control of how long each rental period is that you offer the renters

Rental Booking Sessions

Filters to prevent overbooking and also if a user has selected a space but not finished the payment then he will not “hijack” the space, making it become available again when session resets

What’s Also Included?

We handle the technical stuff so you can focus on your business.

Cloud Hosting

With our powerful cloud hosting we can guarantee fast loading and uptime on your website which will enhance the user experience for your customers.

Daily Backups

We make sure to do daily backups so your data is always safe and can be retrieved.

Safety & Security

Your website gets HTTPS which provides a more secure and trustworthy browsing experience, which is increasingly important in today’s landscape.

Dedicated Support

We are always here to help and are at your desposal to handle the technical stuff so you can focus on your business.


ThriftHub does the work for you!

In the last booking step a user can login and book at the same time if he has an account. If not, the user can make the booking and create an account while finishing the last step.

The booking process is completely automatic and does not need any manual admin work.

Product Barcode Price labels are automatically generated when user, space and products have been selected.

All sales through POS are automatically recorded and shown in real time to renters.

A huge time saver is the Payout Requests store page that shows all the users and their sales and details that have finished their rental period and have wished for payout. Soon as the shop owner has manually paid out the request and marks the request done in the page then system goes automatically to work in the background to make sure the system will not be cluttered by:

  • Deleting all products inside the paid out rental booking
  • Deleting all stories in booking
  • Resets all sales and product numbers from renters account area

Let’s make something happen!

We would love to work with you.

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